Immanuel Baptist Church of Brockton MA

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About a Visit

Service Schedule

  • Sunday School/Adult Bible Study: Sunday 10:00 AM
  • Morning Service: Sunday 11:00 AM
  • Evening Service: Sunday 6:00 PM
  • Midweek Bible Study, Prayer, Children's & Youth Ministries: Wednesday 7:00 PM


92 Alger St., Brockton, MA US 02302

Any service is fine to visit. Probably the most common time to visit is the Sunday morning worship service (11:00). Here are some frequently asked questions about a Sunday morning visit.

How long is each serivce?

About an hour.

What should I expect during the service?

The Sunday morning worship service consists of hymn singing, music from a choir and/or small choral group, Bible reading, prayer, and a sermon. Someone from the platform will ask the congregation to stand at certain times, such as for the hymns. The sermon is the highlight of the service - it lasts about 40 minutes. It may be an explanation/application of a Bible passage or a topical study on what the Bible says about something. It is always intended to explain what God's Word says.  

What should I bring?

You do not need to bring anything. If you have a Bible, it will help you follow along with the pastor's sermon. If not, Bibles are located in the pew rack in front of your seat. An alphabetical index in the front of the Bible tells where each "book" is located (there are 66 books contained in the Bible). 

What should I wear?

There is no particular dress code. You will see many men wearing a coat and tie - this is because we view the gathering of saints to worship God as a special occasion, and we dress accordingly. But you will see people in a spectrum of formality. Our focus is on your heart, not on what you wear.

What about my children?

Nursery care is provided for children through age 1. They can be checked into the nursery before (or during) the service. All other children start the service with the adults and are invited to children's classes or Children's Church, which are dismissed just before the sermon. For more information about these programs, see Something for Everyone. If preferred, non-disruptive children may remain in the auditorium. Intellectually, the sermon is geared for adults; the content is, of course, appropriate for everyone.

Whom do I see if I have a question?

A large Welcome Center is located in the main Narthex. The helpful volunteer staff can answer any questions about where to go or what to do. Additionally, ushers will greet you at the door and are never far away if needed.  For spiritual questions, the Pastors are available after the service. As he greets you at the exit door, let him know you'd like to meet with him.