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(all ages)
Sundays, 10 AM
"Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutes; and I shall keep it unto the end." (Psalms)

Understanding God's Word is key to living life as God intended.  We have a strong commitment to teaching the Word of God to all age groups. 

We believe Sunday School to be vitally important to our mission as a church.  It's where God's people are taught God's Word and God's ways.  Whether you're two or ninety-two, you can come and learn!

Separate classes are offered for
 ~ Adults
 ~ High School (9-12)
 ~ Junior High (7,8)
 ~ 6th Grade
 ~ 5th Grade
 ~ 3rd & 4th Grades
 ~ 1st & 2nd Grades
 ~ 4-5 year olds
 ~ 2-3 year olds
Clean, friendly child care is also provided in our nursery.



CHILDREN'S CHURCH  (back to top)

(Children thru Grade 4)
"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I thought as a child, I understood as a child..."

During Sunday morning worship, children through Grade 4 are invited to attend a special service designed to reach them at their level.

Young children are taught in a hands-on classroom setting, while older children parrticipate in a "children's church" service: hymn singing, object lessons, and preaching designed for their understanding. 


KIDS 4 TRUTH (back to top)

1st - 5th Grades
(7PM Wednesdays) 

IBC's Kids 4 Truth Club is an exciting children's ministry. 

Wednesdays at 7:00, the entire church body gathers for congregational singing and church-wide announcements.  By 7:15, Kids 4 Truth is in session.  

Kids 4 Truth is a fun time of Bible teaching, focusing on the attributes of God, , character lessons, object lessons, stories and games.  It is an excellent opportunity for elementary-aged children to grow spiritually, learn God's Word, develop friendships, and just have fun.  Join us!


YOUTH MINISTRY  (back to top)

Jr. High (grades 6,7,8)
Sr. High (grades 9-12)
(7PM Wednesdays)

Wednesday Night Youth Meetings:  Separate Jr. and Sr. High youth meetings typically open with a trivia contest or other ice breaker.  Weekly meetings include prayer time and a challenge from the Word of God.  The meeting often closes with fellowship.  This is our weekly time together as a group - our key time of learning and fellowship. 

Monthly Activities & Special Events:  Throughout the year, separate Jr. or Sr. High activities as well as some combined activities highlight our youth ministry.  Activities might be recreational (such as mountain climbing, game nights, scavenger hunts) or service oriented (such as work or evangelism).  Whatever the activity, spiritual progress is the goal.  These activities also provide opportunities for building relationships with peers, parents, and youth leaders.

Competitive Bible Quizzing:  IBC's youth are actively involved in Bible Quizzing, competing with churches across New England.  Quizzers are given about six weeks to study a passage from the Bible, and quiz as a church team.  The competition is intense!  The level of knowledge about the passage from God's Word is incredible.  The rewards are eternal. 


ADULT BIBLE STUDIES  (back to top)

Ten to twelve week adult Bible study classes are offered for small groups as part of our Wednesday night ministries. Classes are typically 6-10 students. A women's class and general classes are offered. Classes are usually held in the Fall (Sep-Nov) and Winter (Jan-Mar). Recent class topics include:

  • Women of the Old Testament (ladies)
  • Serving God
  • Knowing God (a basic course in theology) 
  • Christian Living
  • I Peter  

 Enrollment for classes is done through the Welcome Center in the church Narthex.

MUSIC MINISTRY  (back to top)

Music plays an important role in life. As shown in Scripture, music is primarily a means of worshipping God.

With God as the audience of sacred music, IBC strives to use only music which, both in words and in style, reflects a great respect and reverence for our Holy God.

The IBC choir is dedicated to serving the Lord in song every Sunday morning.  Weekly practices help choir members offer as perfect as possible a sacrifice of praise to our Lord.

Each December, the IBC choir performs an annual Christmas cantata.

Opportunities abound for involvement in the music ministry. Children publicly perform "special music" on Wednesday evenings. Orchestral musicians are given opportunities to participate in preludes, offertories, and congregational accompaniment as appropriate.


OUTREACH  (back to top)

Sometimes the truth isn't politically correct: there are not "many paths to God".  We say this on the authority of the word of God Himself. Not all beliefs are of equal merit.  Jesus Himself commanded His followers to go "into all the world" proclaiming His offer of salvation - salvation from a penalty.

Missions:  IBC boldly supports the courageous efforts of God's faithful missionaries.  These men and women have sacrificed much and in some cases put their lives on the line in their love for our Lord and for our fellow man.

IBC provides regular financial support to missionaries on all inhabited continents, as well as domestic missionaries to prisoners and children.

  • AUSTRALIA - The Meyer family (BIMI)
  • AUSTRIA - The Hudson family (GFA)
  • BRAZIL - The Hutchins family (BWM)
  • ECUADOR - The Messer family (GFA)
  • INDIA - The Nair family
  • TAIWAN - The Bollon family (GFA)
  • USA Prison (SC) - Mr. Pete LaFond

Evangelism:  Daily, IBC members share the news of Christ as Savior of a lost world.  This is done both through personal evangelism and through the wide distribution of Gospel tracts.

Each Summer, and at other designated times each year, we host projects specifically to target our community with the good news of salvation through faith (only) in Christ (only).

Nursing Home:  Twice monthly, IBC's Nursing Home ministry aims to bring the love of Jesus and the salvation message to residents who cannot attend church on their own.

Prison Ministry:  Each week IBC's Prison Ministry brings a message of deliverance to inmates - deliverance from sin and an opportunity at a changed life through Jesus Christ.


IBC BIBLE INSTITUTE  (back to top)

IBC's Bible Institute is a self-paced, home Bible study.  Beginning simply, "at square one", it offers several Bible courses which teach one to know and love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Institute has reached many over the years from across the country, and in hard to reach places.