We are a group of sinners from many backgrounds, united for the purpose of worshiping God through the true head of the church, Jesus, the Messiah (“Christ”).

We are not perfect, and we know it. We are sinners, and we fail all the time. It is our aim to become more and more like Jesus. God has provided us two pastors, who help us by Bible teaching, leadership, counsel, and example.

Dr. John Beals

Senior Pastor

Pastor John is originally from Brockton, and has lived in the area all his life. He first trusted Christ as a child, and grew in the Lord during his teen years. Pastor John and Robin have two adult children.

Pastor John has faithfully ministered at IBC since 1986, and has been Senior Pastor since 2002. God has gifted him with an ability to clearly communicate God's Word through teaching and expository preaching.

He holds a Doctor of Pastoral Theology degree from Bob Jones University, as well as a Master of Ministry, and a Bachelor of Arts in Bible.

Dr. Jack Beals

Founding Pastor

Pastor Beals is originally from Brockton, and has lived his life in the area. He first trusted Christ while in his early thirties. Pastor and Corinne have four adult children, fourteen grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.

Known for his loving and practical preaching, Pastor Beals founded IBC in 1984 and faithfully ministered as head pastor until March of 2002. Today Pastor Beals continues to serve the Lord and the IBC family.

He holds the following degrees: BSA, Bentley University; MBA, Western New England University; MRE, ThD, Anderson Seminary; DMIN, Bethany Seminary.

Peter Beals

Church Business, Youth Ministry

Also from Brockton, Peter Beals first trusted in Christ as a young child. During his high school years, Peter met Sarah (Harju) of Middleboro; they married shortly after college. Peter worked in business for twelve years before God led him to work at IBC full time in 2003. Peter and Sarah have six children.

Peter is responsible for church business and youth ministry. Before coming to IBC's staff, Peter and Sarah served as youth ministry volunteers since 1992.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.